Dont Judge a Man by His Pre Spring Gardens

There is already so much to do.  The gardens are a mess from fall.  Looking back I feel like I should have done a little more back in the fall to keep ahead of the game.  The mulch has settled over the winter and ill need to get more.  Ill start buying a few bags at a time assuming I can remember.  I usually think about it when I am back here on the farm.

The shop extension is in rough shape.  Now, it was built using pallets and semi truck siding but hey, it was free.  It desperately needs some roof work and a little wall work.  It started out as a coop but when I got a respiratory infection with the birds I cleaned everything out and started using it as a machinery barn.  I will fix it up when the winds die down.


Ive got the green house kennel project which was never finished.  I think ill take it down as the weeding will be here in a few months.  Id like to somewhat have the yard picked up before people come over.  I know its just family but still.  Ive got the brush issue in the side yard that needs burned and reseeded but once again the wind is just to high at the moment.

Carrots – Ive had this long time dream of growing carrots.  I have never had much luck but I think this is the year.  The cinder block raised bed was actually the compost pile.  I will be adding some dirt and some sand or peat to see if I can get some softer soil.  I have been very happy with the raised beds  except I made a couple of the beds to wide.  They are kind of hard to reach the center.  I am so excited, I can wait to start growing.  I think ill start some seedlings inside this week.


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Starting Seeds, Salve For My Soul –

I think I will try this.   It’s something new and some of my seeds are getting old.

On a side note today was busy.   I didn’t some work in the raised bed garden.   I hope to get my low tunnel up soon.   I’ve also got another bed I plan on using for carrots.   I think I may add a little sand to make the dirt softer.   I’ve never had much luck growing them but think this year is the one.   The one where carrots will be plentiful.

We also ended the night on a good fun note.   A scouting trip to Perfect North for some snow tubing.



An axe a day keeps the Doctor away.

Well maybe.  I like my blades.  Straight razors, knives, axes, hatchets, and everything.   I prefer the old metal.  I think the steel is better and holds a better edge.  Ive looked at several double bit axles but never found one I liked,  I ended up ordering this one off eBay.  It came in yesterday.  I always have spare handles around and have had good luck out of the ones from tractor supply.  The head is a little over 3 pounds and it fit the handle nicely.  I will have to do some work on the edge as it looks like something dug it into a gravel driveway.



The kitchen … I removed the upper cabinets several months ago.  They were in rough shape due to the amount of weight I kept in them with canned goods.  Brittany and I have been getting everything together.  Here are a couple pictures.



Isn’t it crazy how things have changed over a year?

1.  No animals … I managed to get some respitory issue with my chickens and ended up culling them all.   I went ahead and got rid of everything else as well.   I sold all the coops and got rid of just about everything.   I hope to be getting chickens soon.  I miss the fresh eggs and meat.

2.  No junk.   I sold all my garden tractor stuff.   It opened so much room in the shop and I’ve been glad to be able to do things in there.   It’s nice being able to build a table if I want or bring able to actually use the workbench.

3. All raised beds.   I used all raised beds last year in the garden.   It worked awesome but I didn’t grow enough.   The low tunnel worked well and I’ll be doing it again.

4. Engaged.   Supper excited about this.   I’m due to get married in May and can’t wait.