Jackson seems to be doing fine. It looks like he will have to have surgery next week. Not good but at least the medicaid kicked in and back logged to the day Emily applied. His hospital is approved so is Emily and our unborn Maggie. Speaking of Maggie.. when we she be here? hopefully soon, im tire of waiting and im sure Emily is tireder. She really isn’t due til the 7th of July but I figured by the size of mammas belly she would come early. Nothing we can do but wait I guess. Her mother came downa few days ago and will stay until Maggie is born. I think she will end up being here for over a month. Its good to have her here.

The job is going well and I fell like im fitting in. Im learning a lot but still have so much more I need to know. I think they are going to try to make me the electronic person and make John the other tech more of a mechanical person. Thats fine with me. I hope it happens. There are controls for people called EMC, which drive the car by wire. Little joy sticks for the throttle and a small steering wheel for the steering. Pretty cool but a ton of wires. Of course it is all electronic.


Had a Scare Tonight

Jackson fell off the counter and had a seizure or had a seizure and fell off the counter. Either way we went to the ER. 1 catscan 2 shots and 4 hours with no insurance, cant wait ot see that bill. I can joke about it because he is fine. He was seizureing and got a high temperature quickly but all results came back good. He took a nap and woke up fine. He remember our names and wanted to see the moon since it was dark out. Or course all teh family was there so he hugged them all and said “bed”. We got lucky and im glad all the results came out good.

On a side note we found something minorly wrong with his ear in the catscan which is nothing in itself but kinda odd because it matched up with a catscan 1 1/2 years ago. Maybe thats why his speech is delayed…he is having a hard time hearing.

My dirty carrot

Ive been in the garden all day and found this carrot. Whats it look like? a carrot, get your mind out of the gutter. I also found this old car while I was tilling. I think I had some disease, all my beans died and the tomatoes didn’t do worth a damn. Owell next year ill try again.


The job is going great. I love it and I think ill do fine. It seems that the owner really likes me. Apparently the office manager is a complete dumbass and I think will be fired in the near future. I plan on being knowledgeable enough by that time to take over as Manager of the store.

I dont know what happened but alot of the plants in my garden died. Not a big deal I tilled them in and will do it again next year. I plan on starting off with water beds which will get me a great head start on planting.

We she come or not? Emily has had several contractions all night. Is maggie coming in to this world or not? Im tired of waiting and so is Emily. She has got to be miserable.


I got the job installing wheel chair stuff and start Monday. It should be a fun job and I guess time will tell. Dad is in the hospital for the first time in 26 years. Maybe a gallbladder maybe not.