Isn’t it crazy how things have changed over a year?

1.  No animals … I managed to get some respitory issue with my chickens and ended up culling them all.   I went ahead and got rid of everything else as well.   I sold all the coops and got rid of just about everything.   I hope to be getting chickens soon.  I miss the fresh eggs and meat.

2.  No junk.   I sold all my garden tractor stuff.   It opened so much room in the shop and I’ve been glad to be able to do things in there.   It’s nice being able to build a table if I want or bring able to actually use the workbench.

3. All raised beds.   I used all raised beds last year in the garden.   It worked awesome but I didn’t grow enough.   The low tunnel worked well and I’ll be doing it again.

4. Engaged.   Supper excited about this.   I’m due to get married in May and can’t wait.


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