Day off

Seems with the wife working most weekends and with all the other crap going on we don’t get many days off. Today is the first day in awhile when we both have been off together with nothing to day. Its pretty nice actually. She is picking up the minor stuff in the house and im picking up the yard. We work a little while and take a break. Seems to be working pretty good.


Well today was the baby’s 1st bath in our house. He is almost 2. We haven’t had the money to install the tub. The bathroom which housed the bath tub was completely gutted 3 years ago do to floor damage. Im guessing there was a bad water leak at some point before we bought the house. Anywho my father in law bought the rest of the supplies I needed to finish the install. Woohoo we have a tub. Thanks ED


Are you ever mad just to be mad? For some reason I am. Ive had a bad week. I hate sharing vehicles about 1/2 as much as I hate sending out tires. My wife totaled her car a month or so ago its been a pain in the ass. She has been driving a spare family, the hoopdy. A 83 Buick Electra. Its fully loaded and don’t get me wrong its a nice car. Its got minor, i mean minor problems, such as fuel filters and vacuum lines. I need to get it fixed so Emily gives me back my truck.

Tire distribution. I hate sending tires to other locations. We aren’t making any money off it, its taking us shop resources, and all around blows. Maybe it will get better. Who knows?