Almost peep time

I know I haven’t posted in a couple weeks but really there isnt that much going on.  I got a few more birds to replace the 50 or so that I lost and have patiently been waiting for my eggs to hatch.  They went to lockdown yesterday so hopefully they should start hatching on Wednesday.  The kids are here and I think it will be neat for them to see chicks hatch.  Hell im excited to see chicks hatch.


Chickens here chickens there

Its been chickentastic around here.  Ive been buying quite a few to build my flock.  I need specific breeds to maintain the CSA I want to start next year.  Well, all is good until 2 weeks ago.  I’ve lost 42 birds in the last 2 weeks.  I would assume raccoons.  Un acceptable.  Several hundred dollars down the drain.  Here are a couple pics of some of the new guys.  SO ugly they are cute.  Im also pretty excited about my first egg.  I figure after a week of saving these id have enough to an omelet.  This one is from my silkie.  The others lay a little bigger.

97 eggs and a bottle of canned ham.  Ok Ok so there isnt any canned ham.  I have accumulated 97 eggs from different people to set.  I put them in the incubator a few days ago.  Im hoping for a 50% hatch rate.  That’s low but for my first time ill be happy. 


2011-07-28_19-15-46_891              2011-08-02_07-13-59_666