Busy Weekend

We went and got a Christmas tree and got that put up today. I think Jackson had fun. Its been to cold to mess with anything outside – I just now dumped the compost bucket left over from Thanksgiving day. We gave maggie a bone from supper and shes still chewing on it. We had ribs so i think we are going to keep a few of them for her to teeth on.


No Minifarm pics

I guess with it being winter my pictures of the garden and what not will be far and few between. I did however get a new Wheel horse today. I think that makes 5 of these little tractors. I love them.

Had the inlaws over this past week. We do Christmas at the same time since they are here. It was great and the kids had a good time as did my wife and I. Had a great turkey day even though my mother has been extremely sick and is still in the hospital. I had dad over for a short visit , which is unusual for him, and got a great picture of him and maggie. Ive got a ton of pictures with Emily’s family and the kds but very few of my family.

Messed Up kids

We found out whats wrong with my messed up kids – i love peoples reactions when i call them messed up 😆 (regardless of how they are I wouldn’t trade them for anything)

Jackson was officially diagnosed with apraxia today 🎉 cool – the issue with that is most cases have to do with kids 5 and up. It turns out most parents just say o my kid is a slow talker. We have a great therapist that is redoing some stuff and downgrading it to a 2 yo. We see some specialist in UK in February (glad they hurried up to get him an appointment). The cause – its neurological ( i think) time will tell what the deal is with that.

Maggie’s EEG came back showing there is indeed seizure activity. She gos to UK tomorrow for a MRI. At least we know something is there and they were not just mysterious seizures. Time will tell with that one to. Hew twice a day medication is keeping them under control so we are good in that department.

Plans for the Garden Next year

Grow it dont mow it. This will be my motto for next year. Ive discussed it with Emily and shes on board with it. I have a huge garden in the back yard, next year my entire front yard will be a garden as well. Im pretty sure the city wont care as they havent said anything about any of my other projects that ive done in the past. Thats the good thing about living in a small town. Kids messing in the garden may be the only issue I see being a problem. I will plant the in ground stuff such as potatoes and carrots in the front. Less susceptible to vandals. The compost pile is ready for winter. I can tell you already I wont be flipping it nearly as much as I did in the summer. I will be getting a few more pallets to make this a 3 bin system.

This is what we are doing. To cold to go outside. Everyone went to the grocery so im home alone – at least for a little while. Party at the Cobb household. WooHoo Nothing else really planned and looking forward to the in laws coming next weekend. I cant believe its thanksgiving already. Before you know it Christmas will be here then next year then the kids will be 20 years old. Time flies when your a family.

ahh the weekend

Been a long week but it went quick. Im tired and glad to have nothing planned this weekend except for a tractor pick up on Sunday. Maggie is doing well and has started making all kinds of noise and rolling over. I think she may be part gorilla.