Fall Life






A few pics of November life.  Since the homestead is new there really isnt anything to do but look at seed catalogs and think about the future.  The puppies have gotten big, I think they are only 6 months old if that.  Sometimes Jackson want to go over to my Mothers just to see them(they are actually her dogs).  We will be doing the big tree next time when they come but last night we decided to decorate a small tree.  That had a blast and thought the small ointments were neat. 


Ive noticed the 2 months or so ive been here that Its windy all they time.  This will be great come summer but will hurt the ol power bills in the winter.  Its been windy enough to take the siding off the side fo the house.  Im going to have to plant some sort of wind break.  It seems there are a couple species of bamboo that grow in KY so I think im going to give it a try.  Ive got enough room I can mow around where I want to put it to keep the stuff under control.


Where have I Been?

Around – Maybe LOL.  I’ve been getting settled in.  I’m 100% unpacked and living happily, well, as happy as one can be with his kids 400 miles away.  I’ve been steadily looking for a job but unable to come up with one.  Its starting to get on my nerves.  Unemployment isn’t bad but id rather be working.  I started school last night.  EMT.  I think ill be a good EMT guy.  Ive been looking through the book and boys its gonna be hard but ill get through it.  Fortunately for me my brother and mother both are taking the same class so we can help each other study if need be.  Not much to report on but this is where I stand.