Gary, IN….  What a hell hole.  Security in walmart.  I hear it has the highest murder rate in IN.  I don’t know and hope to not find out.  Anywho I’m up here doing some training for work.  So far Ive been here a week and Ive learned 4 things.  A complete waste of company time and money.


It appears to me that I wont be posting much in the next several weeks. Ive got alot of training and makeup work to do.


We went to Nags Head. We spent a week down there and had a great time. My 16mo son had fun. He seems to think everything is a bird, o well he will figure it out eventually.

We ate out one night a a buffet. 28$ a person. Holy High Bill batman. It was worth it, i figured I ate about 56$ worth. They had every kind of seafood you can imagine plus all the regular stuff that toddlers like. I plan on going back there next year.

The baby did quit well. It was about a 14 hour trip. He can only do about 8 hours before he gets cranky. Regardless we did the trip in 2 days.

Been Awile

I guess its been awhile since ive been on. I have been extremely busy with work and the new management position. Im happier than Ive ever been. I guess a job you like does that. Im having a few problems with some people at work but I hope to get them solved in the near future.

Ive also been on vacation. It was needed, had a great time, and am glad to be home.