An axe a day keeps the Doctor away.

Well maybe.  I like my blades.  Straight razors, knives, axes, hatchets, and everything.   I prefer the old metal.  I think the steel is better and holds a better edge.  Ive looked at several double bit axles but never found one I liked,  I ended up ordering this one off eBay.  It came in yesterday.  I always have spare handles around and have had good luck out of the ones from tractor supply.  The head is a little over 3 pounds and it fit the handle nicely.  I will have to do some work on the edge as it looks like something dug it into a gravel driveway.



The kitchen … I removed the upper cabinets several months ago.  They were in rough shape due to the amount of weight I kept in them with canned goods.  Brittany and I have been getting everything together.  Here are a couple pictures.




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