New Tricks

Well the ladies of the Cobb household have been learning some new tricks!

Maggie is offically pulling herself to standing!  Most people respond ‘wow, great!’ to that.  Not me.  I know she is only a few short months (or maybe weeks at the rate she is going) from walking and I remember those early walker get into everything days, I was hoping to have a few more months before I had to chase 2 people!  Also, there is the whole my tiny baby is growing up, and in a hurry, too!  Every step towards independence is a reminder of how fast she is growing and fast these days go by.

As you can see, I have learned to knit, not well, but knitting just the same.  To be fair this not a new trick, my grandmother is quite an accomplished knitter who can make just about anything, taught me how to knit when I was about 8 or 9.  It had been a long time since I had cast on, though and found some great tutorials on the internet to re-teach me.  I am just starting to get in the groove of it, and find that I am enjoying watching TV at night and knitting.



The gentlemen of the Cobb household are also faring well and are up to their same old tricks, I’ll leave you with some pics of the tractor in the dining room progress and this thought, ‘real men wear…babies!’




Yes, we are alive


We have been a bad blogger the last few weeks but truth be told we haven’t done anything.  I turned 30 and we had a bunch of snow.  About it.  Emily and I have been discussing seeds.  There are so many to choose from we just really don’t know what to get.  We would like to move this summer some time so I don’t think we will be doing all the random trial type stuff I had originally discussed.  I would hate to put tons a time and effort into that stuff and have it all go to waste when a new owner wants it all plowed under.  I’ve come a little bit further on this tractor but with funds being a little tight it has come to a stand still.   Id like to get it don’t in the next month or so because this is the tractor ill be using to cultivate the gardens with. 

2-07-09 (2)

Since we have been so slow I decided to start a tractor club.  There is on here in KY for trucks and is lots of fun.  Ive had the new club up and running baout a month and got the 75th member today.  I think it will be a great sucess.  We plan on having tractor shows and plow days in the future.  I needed a little seat time today so I cleared the side walks of the 1/2″ of snow we got last night. 




Why I Love my Wife

2-5-09 (8) Not only is she the thread that holds our family together, and mot only does she have the patience of a Saint, she lets me rebuild tractors on the dinning room table.  Other than the normal stuff this tractor is all that ive really been working on. 


We had nice weather yesterday and its suppose to be nice the rest of the week.  I didn’t do much outside it was to muddy.

Here is a picture of  Jackson working.  He didn’t care about the mud.

2-10-09 (7)

Meal Plan Monday, er, Thursday

Forgive me for not posting the usual Meal Plan Monday!  The next 2 weeks we are going to be trying to clean out the pantry, I went to the grocery this weekend and spent $75 on perishables and milk, eggs, that sort of thing.  That is supposed to last us for 2 weeks, the rest of the meals will be made from the food we already have.  The freezers were getting so full you couldn’t really see what was in the back and some things were coming to the end of their useful life.  so here it is:

Monday – Potato Bacon Chowder

Tuesday – oven pizza and breadsticks

Wednesday – Ham steak, mac and cheese (from the freezer), mixed veggies

Thursday – Spaghetti and breadsticks

Friday – Baked chicken breasts, rice, green beans

Saturday – DATE NIGHT for the big people, tacos for the littles

Sunday – fried and battered chicken wings, tator tots, salad

That’s our week!


getting bigger

So, Maggie is offically an ‘older baby’ she’ll be 7 months old in less than a week!  She can crawl everywhere, she can really get some distance now!  This of course means I have to reaquint myself with an old friend, the vacuum cleaner!  How is that on a floor literally covered with toys (some age appropriate, some not, but whose counting?) Mags can find the one tiny little choking hazard I forgot to pick up?  How is that?  Is there some sort choking hazard honing device that babies have?

In other non choking hazard news, she LOVES to eat!  After the sweet potato incident I realized it was time to stop being lazy and start feeding the girl.  She has just gone nuts!  To be honest she was so excited about peas that I thought she was having a seizure for a second, but no, just hysterical over the peas!  She is up to breakfast and lunch with us now, she is still a little skinny mini but I am looking for a growth spurt to happen any day now.  Here is a picture of her in her high chair, having dinner with dad!dscn0016