rock saga ended

I think i posted the vid of me and my brother trying to pull up this rock in the garden. Ive been messing with it for a while but decided i needed something bigger to get it out. The City messed up my yard putting in new water lines. They showed up today with a back hoe, seed, and hay to fix it. I told them they wouldnt have to mess with it if they pooped up this rock in my back yard. They said sure. He dug and dug and dug. It ended up being concrete with a rock stuck to the top of it. No wonder our trucks couldnt pull it up. Thanks GMWSS for getting this roack out of my garden. I wonder what it was there for?


Vomit and poo everywhere

Everyone is sick in the Cobb house hold. I had to stay home to take care of everyone. Im a little sick but nothing like Emily. Jackson feels a lot better today than he did yesterday so that’s good. Maggie’s is running a little temp but nothing a little infants Tylenol wont fix. Emil;y looks horrible and is in bed. I think its going to be a crappy weekend. If they feel better I may try to go into work tomorrow.

Day by Day

Been busy with work. Ive had to work a few Saturdays and some daily overtime. Not to much but enough to keep me busy. Maggie is growing and has discovered here thumb. Fine with us. Jackson seems like a boy now an nothing like the little boy.

I got a truck load of manure for free and spread it in the garden. Got it plowed in today. Im shooting for tomato trees next year,

I suck a taking the camera

I can never remeber to take the camera. Thats a goal of mine to remember it. Weve been busy with fall activities. We went to the Festival of the Horse(no pics) and tot he Fire prevention Parade. Thank goodness for our friend Candace that always has hers. She snapped a couple pics and then her camera died. Hopefully she will email them to me. Tonight we will be going to the pumpkin festival witch should be a blast.

Festival of the Horse

Of course im stupid and didnt grab a camera one. Festival of the horse is a 3 day event here in Georgetown. They’ve got parades, food, vendor, and other thing like that. It was Jackson’s first parade that I can thin k of. He LOVED it, very concerned that the horses pooped on the road, but loved it. It was fun and not to hot. Love me some funnel cakes.

Everyone is sick around here today. Our sinuses are a mess. Maggie is overly fussy but at least shes controllable. Jackson is a nightmare – hopefully when I winterize my tractors this after noon it will keep im busy.