I hate being sick

Well, today pretty much sucked. I started with a stomach ache this morning. Ive been nauseous and week most of the day. I hoping its just a 24 hour bug. I was able to eat tonight thank goodness.


Me time

You know I havent really had any ME time. I might try to do that tomorrow afternoor after work. I get off at noon and I should have some free time for a few hours before I pic up the baby. Yeap I think im going to wash my truck. It needs it and I somewhat enjoy doing it. She needs to be cleaned up before vacation next week anyways.

Rain Rain Rain

Its been horribly hot here the last few weeks. It started raining and has cooled down a bit. Thank goodness. For some odd reason my grass didn’t die in the drought, damn it. Guess i still have to mow it a few more time this year.


Ever have headaches? I do. All the time actually. I used to get migraines all the time, but haven’t had one in a long time. I do have regular pain in the ass headaches a few times a week. Most are brought on by lack of sleep are allergies …. I think. Ive had one the last day or 2. I’m glad its gone.

I got it

Well my nerves are settled. I am official the General Manager. Ive been nervous about it the past few weeks. We are still negotiating my salary. The have till the end of the month to decide. Looks like ive got 2 weeks a managerial training in September. That should be fun. Ive had a couple different jobs in the last few years, weird to think ive doubled my pay in 4 years.

Its hot in here

My my what a hot spell. Its been about 100* the last few days. My office has been 81* and the shop has been almost unbearable. I think the weather guestimators are calling for some rain and a little break from the heat. I cant wait. Ive got some rook work hat needs to be done and its to hot to mess with it. I have actually been mowing my yard in the dark at night. Its still in the 80s.

Im nervous

Well, im starting to get a little nervous about work. I should find out in a week or so if i get the manager position at work. I don’t see why I wouldn’t as I have been filling that position for a few months now. I think ive done the shop some good. It took a couple months to get the screw ups of my last boss fixed. Last month was the 1st month Ive had fully staffed. We had a new sales record for the store since its been open. Pretty good I think. This month so far we have hit budget every day. I think that’s something to be proud of. Boy o boy will I be pissed if I don’t get the job.