Been Busy as a Bee

Went to the Dentist, had the best pedicure ive had in a long time, and got power at the house.  I move in tomorrow.  Woohoo.  Sorry for the short post ive got tons to do tonight.  Ill give an update in a few days once i get the internet up and going.  Pics of course:


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The wait

Im really excited about my new place.  Its been my dream for years.  The hard part is waiting til spring when I can start planting and start getting some animals.  There is so much I want to do.  Im a want it now kinda guy but am going to try to do the things I want to do bit by bit.  After all I will live here the rest of my life so Ive got plenty of time to get everything done.  I guess the good thing about getting this place this time of year is the fact ive got all winter to plan.  One thing I think im going to try is some edible flowers.  Ive been trying new foods and think this will be a nice accent to some of the stuff I am cooking.

Neighbors dropped by

I love having not people as neighbors.  Update.  Septic is almost done and Ive got water.  The carpet is laid out but not installed.  They cant do it until I get power which may be another week.  You know im all about co ops but damn it should take two weeks to get out and set a pole.


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Paint Paint Paint

I hate painting.  Got everything painted but some of the trim.  They also got all the landscaping done.  Still waiting on water and sewer, which they’ve started on and the power company.  I should be moving in over the next few days. Zero VOC woohoo.  Notice some of the colors.  Rootbeer, Cream, Kermit Green, Yellow, and some red.   The red still need a couple coats but Ill need to prime.  Its not covering some dark primer my contractor used.


002014 (2) 

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