Paint Paint Paint

I hate painting.  Got everything painted but some of the trim.  They also got all the landscaping done.  Still waiting on water and sewer, which they’ve started on and the power company.  I should be moving in over the next few days. Zero VOC woohoo.  Notice some of the colors.  Rootbeer, Cream, Kermit Green, Yellow, and some red.   The red still need a couple coats but Ill need to prime.  Its not covering some dark primer my contractor used.


002014 (2) 

005 007 008 010


2 thoughts on “Paint Paint Paint

  1. Mac, I love the colors!! Red, Green, and Yellow are my favorites! I think the entertainment center looks awesome. I can tell this is going to be an awesome home and what a great place to raise your kids:) You are so lucky and blessed! I can’t wait to see pics of the place once you get your furniture in. Your Mom and sisters should throw you a house warming:) so everyone can see it in person! Goodluck with it all. Terri:)

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