RIP my little buddy Chevy

Sooooo. Im working on the tractor and I notice my truck rolling down the hill. It rolled faster than I could run. I cried and ive cussed. Ive mourned and ive worried. Insurance says its probably totaled. Im a little worried they may drop me. From what I can tell I must have put it in a high gear instead of a low gear when I got out.






Id like everyone to meet Melvin.  My new Pitt/Lab mix.  Hes a beautiful great dog and minds well.  He loves the farm life so far. 

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Spring is close

Can you feel it?  I can.  I know warm planting weather will be here soon.  We ( had our annual plow day this past weekend.  It was nice to get out and use the tractor.  I also mowed the weeds from my yard.  I figure with this being pasture all its lfe it will take me a couple years to really get it in A1 yard condition.  None the less the sun on my back and breeze on my face was nice.  Jackson had a great time at the plow day and actually participated.