A couple New faces around here

I traded the only turkey I had left and my two silkies for a couple other chickens.  A Millie Fleur colored D’uccle and a nice Silkie Hen.  The hen came with a couple chicks she’s been raising.  A faverolle and orpington(they are a nice 6 days old today)



There has been some freak rain storms out here.  Its claimed some of the last batch of chicks I got.  I think ive had 6 die.  The were the weakest in the batch.  The rest are doing well and are feathering nice.


Fish Time

I decided that its now time that Jackson learns to fish.  He liked the idea so we went and picked up a rod and some worms.  Got to have the worms you know.  He caught 2 in the first 1/2 hour we fished.


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Sold some bought some.

Seeing how the chicks free range they don’t eat much feed.  So not only do I get free bug control I get bigger birds at no cost.  I’ve sold several chickens and decided I wanted to buy some more.  I found a guy on craigslist that sells chicks at a set price regardless of breed, I went and picked up 20 from him the other day.  I love the pretty colors and should have some decent good looking mutt chickens when I start hatching.  Here are some on the new residents of Bairlea Farm.



Been Eating Good

My goodness ive been busy with summer, hay, and the kiddos.  I slaughtered my first round of chickens a few weeks ago.  It went well and they turned out great.  They were a little on the tough side but I didn’t let the meat rest after slaughtering.  The gratification is great knowing I raised them and prepared them.   Before. cooking, after….


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