Another day

Well the economy mess has pretty much hurt us. We cant afford to live here and we cant afford to move. I have cashed in some stock to pay off my truck. That will be an extra 400 a month we dont have to worry about. We have also cut down on the bills and completely cut off cable. If I can get a small raise We should be making enough to at least get by. Other than that the kids are doing well and Emily has started back to work. Maggie still isnt taking a bottle worth a crap so hopefully she will grow out of it.


Went on a Trip

I just got back from a week long business trip. It went well and I learned a lot but my concern was for Emily. A week alone with both kids, might be terrifying. The kids were both on great behavior for the most part which helped her alot. She did a great job as I suspected.

Been Busy with life

The kids are keeping my busy. Seems like they are always into something and Maggie having an ear infection doesnt really help matters. Emily has become a cleaning machine for some reason. Spent alot of time outside today cleaning up the yard. Tons of left over straw from the reseed and some leaves and what not. All good compost so it was loaded up and dumped in to an unseen corner. Its too much for me to mess with right now so ill be using it slowly over the next several months. I didnt manage to get a couple videos done. Once of Jackson ont he B100 Wheel Horse and another from V action.