Chicks and Vines

Floods 16” of rain the last two weeks.  Ive been busy.  Not a lot to say but I did get the chicks.  6 layers, 6 Cornish, and 4 random breed straight runs.   They grow fast.  Ive got a lot to learn about them but am looking forward to letting them roam.






Everyone love vines right?  I do.  Ive planted 2 blue berries, 2 white grapes, 2 red grapes, and 2 black berrys.  I doubt they will produce this year but there is always a hope.  I didn’t even know we had salamanders here.  At least not my hill.  Found him while digging. 




Shop done, Dog died, Great Vid


Loving it so far.  There is a 8×8” section cut out of the back for the chickens I don’t yet have.  Hopefully funds will soon allow for some electric out there.  Lights would be super nice.


Bye Bye buddy of mine.   I had to bury my dog the other day.  I must say that sucked.  I ran over him with the truck.  We got to the vet and decided to amputated his leg due to crushed bones.  He died about the time they got him stitched up. 

My Girlfriend has been toying with the idea of pictures and videos.  Here is the first one she put together.  Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Buildings, Dirt, and Planting

The building is coming along slower than Id like.   I really want the contractor to step up his game and get this done.  Me needs the chicken coop side of it done.
Kind of difficult to tell the difference between yard and garden here.  I have managed to get all the construction mess cleaned up and seeded from where they built my house last fall.  Garden is tilled and should start planting this week. 
The seedlings are coming along nicely.
I think my storage method of potato from last year was wrong.   Hope they do good this year.

New stuff.

I desperately need some room to work on things and storage.  Im in the process of building a building.  It will be part storage, part chicken coop, and a workshop.  Ill also add a lean to for the tractor.   Since im not hauling I decided to go with an older truck and use some of the insurance money to get a new tractor and the shop.




Due to a virus im unable to get to any of my older pictures.  The tractor comes with a tiller, plow, and grader blade.  I need to get a mower for it ASAP.

Busy as a Bee

I had to plant something.  It was warm and I couldn’t help myself.  I planted a few seeds and the things are already 6” tall.  That’s how far Im behind in posting here.  Melvin and my Lovely lady.  Hes all upset because he is in the process of becoming an outside dog and doesn’t to much like the idea.  Ive also started knitting.  Why I need something else to do is beyond me.  It sooths the soul and maybe I could sell some stuff.  Who know.  Here is a scarf I made for Jackson. 




Pictures by Jackson:




Me, A friend of ours, Jackson, and a Living room.   Hes actually pretty good at it.