Heat Wave

The heat is here. Wonder if its here to stay? Only time will tell.

The handyman job is going good. Ive been staying kinda busy but not busy enough. Ive got a good tile job coming up next week. When ever I do a job the person im working for usually needs something else done. Ive got most of the cabinets installed in my truck to carry more crap. Id hate to loose a job for not having the tools.


Third Garden is in

With this great weekend we had I got my third garden planted. For some reason My tomato plants didn’t come up so I planted some more just to be on the safe side. Jackson was supervising the whole replant. We had a get together at Moms for Memorial Day and spent almost all day out at the farm. If was fun. I noticed pulling in the drive way that our yard and driveway are a mess. Ive got crap all over the place. I hope to get the junk picked up this week. Ive also got to run some electrical lines for the downstairs A/C its suppose to get hot this weekend so I need to get it done.

Jackson is 2

Jackson is 2 today. They grow up quick. We are not doing anything big just having a few family members over for a little party. It should be fun and he has a great time. He has started to pretend. Its funny seeing him eating fake food on toy dishes. He rocked his baby today and put her to bed. He had her on the pillow all covered up. Very cute. He is having a hard time saying that hes 2. He tried to do the finger thing but that didnt go well.

Pretty good weekend. We got out the rest of the baby stuff yesterday and got it cleaned up and ready to go. We also went yard sale shopping and found some baby close and an awesome slide for Jackson. Interesting enough that took most of the day. Today we hung out and did some yard work. Im still trying to teach Jackson to walk down the rows in the garden but he loosing the concept after about ten minutes and started walking across the rows. He hasn’t snapped to many plants but I suspect more will die in the future. He loves it out there and has a great time so who cares if im a few plants short in a row. I actually got a lot of work done on my camper. I needed something to keep my tools dry and dont have the money to go out and buy one of those high dollar fiberglass ones. I did get this old one at almost no cost. It took a few hours modification to make it work but got it all done except for installing the windows front and back. Picture this 1973 camper on this 04 truck. It doesn’t look as bad as I thought it was going to. Kinda has that utilitarian look. Ill get more pics of the finished work went I get a camera cord.

Thought I had more time

When I posted the last post.

Anywho, it seems like Maggie will be a little on the big side like Jackson was when she is born. Nothing wrong with top heaviness I guess. Everything looked good and it looks like she has a head full of hair, at least, thats what the ultrasoundist said. We had a scare with her a few months ago but I am glad thats cleared up. I wonder how Jackson will handle the new arrival? Every seems to think it will rock his work but I think he will do fine with it. I am going to try extra had to pay alot of attention to him. If he thinks he is getting neglected im sure he will let us know.

The rain stopped thank goodness. Ive got what some people may call a mess going on outside. Ive been collecting materials from random jobs and junk I find. I am selling what I can and scrapping the rest. Scrap metal is high right now.

My hair hurts

Does your hair ever hurt? Mine does when it gets long. Maybe its my scalp but seems to me it may be my hair itself. Weird I know.

The weather is crappy. Its been raining on and off the last few days, what a pain. Its been cool to. I dont know about everyone else but im ready for a warm spring or summer. I dont like this hot one day cold the next. Its suppose to rain all week which puts a hurting on my handyman services. There is only so much inside work that people need done.

Time to be my own business man?? Maybe?? I thought about making my own business and calling it Mobile Mechanics. A traveling mechanic would be a good thing I think. Ive had my truck breakdown before and its a pain to get it towed to the shop and get it worked on. Im telling you the idea is good, ill come to you. I know working in driveways sucks in the winter but I still say its a good idea.