Delivery YeeHaa

Well it came today.  Not much to tell but they should have it put together tomorrow.


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Playing in the dirt

Who doesnt love to play in the dirt.  Im 31 and was out there today kicking up dust.  Amazing how dry it is.  Nothing fancy just some guys digging a foundation.  The contractor was super nice and pulled the 4 post i needed removed.  He saved me about 10 hours a digging.  Theres also a picture of my well.


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Coming together.

Seems ive been running around non stop lately.   On a good note I went by and notice this.  Im buying a demo so they have started to dismantle it for transport.  It should be here a week from tomorrow.  Im still working on the permits.  Every place i went today wanted money.  Inspector this permit this.  Everything is done but the water permit.  Hopefully tomorrow.

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I went out to the lot to start taking down the 50’ of fence and came across this.  The contractor came buy at some point today and dropped off equipment and marked off where the foundation is going.


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Slowly but surely.

We had the power company come out today.  He looked at the site and gave me a stake to mark where i wanted my pole to be.  Easy enough.  The heath inspector was also out.  They were perking the soil.  Luckily the whole farm perks well.  He dug a couple holes to find what soil was the absolute best.  He and the plumber talked and got a game plan figured out.  The foundation should go in next week.  Its getting close and im getting excited.  Still have to get the water company and state inspector out for the drive way.  WooHoo.  Here are a few pictures.  Nothing exciting but at least its something. 


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Made a cake

I love to cook.  Im not a baker and yes there is a difference.  My sister, mother, and I decided we were going to make my sister a cake for her birthday.  She loves the whole cupcake thing so we thought we would make a circus.  It took the three of us a little over 3 hours to make it.  The look on her face when she saw it was priceless.








So very excited.

Looks like I should be in the new house earlier than suspected.  I should be moving in the first week of October.  I cant wait.  We finally decided on a lot today.  This decision was up to my father for the most part.  Since he is giving me the land I don’t really care where it goes.  Here are a few pictures.


The Floor Plan.  I got the optional Island.




Location.   Front, Left, Right, and Back.  Great views all the way around.  I was standing where the house will go when I took the pictures. 





Been Awhile

My goodness have the last year and a half gone by fast.  Since i last Posted i managed to get divorced.  It sucks but hey, its life.  Emily decided to take the children to VA.  Fair? I think not.  They are doing great and I see them at least monthly.  I am in the process of moving to the family farm.  If all goes well I should be on my little piece by Thanksgiving.  I CANT WAIT  I’m still going to do as I’ve always wanted and have a little farm, do the homesteading like I wanted, and live a happy little life.  This will be my home.  Once here I plan on never again moving.  As time gets closer Ill keep up the blog.  I know that I’m already busy with the house but I need to plan for next year.  Chickens, gardens, and hopefully bees.  WooHoo


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“wim” she says “wim”  Jackson loves the farm and is supper happy when he is here.  This last time they were in I notice Maggie has taken a liking to it as well.  They both love being outside.  Barelia Farm will be such a succes with them.