The job hunt continues

Well ive applied to many a place but have yet to really have any call backs. kinda sad due to my great personality and super resume. I might have a new idea for a job. Mobile Mechanics. I can to you for everything from oil changes to light mechanical work on your vehicle. Think about how nice that would be to have a mechanic come to your work or house. No hassle or headaches. Think about it. It should work.



With no job life in general is pretty simple. Im jobless with a garden anticipating the arrival of maggie(baby number 2)


Planted a Garden. Yeap its growing.

Not much to it I do have a few thing growing. Carrots, cabbage, a couple types of corn, tomatos, eggplant, sunflowers, lavender, beens and some other stuff


Yeap Lost my Job

Upper management came a in month or so ago and told me to resign or they were going to fire me. I ask them if they needed a 2 week notice or what. They said no do it today. Well that pretty much sucked. I haven’t had any luck finding anything either. Something has to give as the savings will not last forever. In a way im glad I don’t work there but im also sad. I don’t to much miss the job but not having that paycheck sucks. What can you do? Nothing I guess. Get over it and move on.

November 24th was the last day

Well I guess I didnt stick to the im going to post a poste everyday thing did I? Well, I guess its ok after all we are only human.

Lets get caught. Ill do these in different post and im tired and dont feel like typing to much today.

1. Baby on its way
2. Lost my Job
3. Planted a garden
4. Life in general

Ill do #1 now. A couple more months togo and we will have baby number 2 here. Its crazy how time flies. I cant wait and Im glad its a girl. Emily has been on me about fixing the crib and I guess i really need to do that this weekend. Ill add it to the todo list. Shes looking good and it appears this will be a better pregnancy than the last. Thats a good thing.