Low Tunnel and Some Planting

Worked on my truck yesterday and had to take Jackson to the airport today so I didn’t get much done around here this weekend.  I did however get the low tunnel up and get kale planted.  I also planted a few marigolds – its a little cold for them but they may make it.  I did make one change this year over last year.  I use PVC pipe and I usually stick it in the ground.  This year I installed pipe brackets on the side of the bed.  It seems to have a lot more stability than years past.  I zip tie all the pipe together for easy disassembly.  One good thing – I didn’t have to use any plastic.  This is made from the roof of the greenhouse project.  I do plan on putting one over the carrot bed so I can go ahead and get them planted.


PineWood Derby


Every year he does more and more with building these.  This one didn’t do well as we had a crooked wheel issues but hes already got plans for next years design.

Green House Down

Came home to a crooked greenhouse.  I went ahead and took the plastic off as I don’t want to risk tearing up the kennel panels.  While I didn’t get to put plants in there it did give me a good idea of shape and location.  Darn you High winds.

On a side note the seedlings are doing well.  I will be doing a lot of truck work this weekend but I hope to get my low tunnels up.  I am ready to get something in the ground.  Come on last frost date.

More on the tool box

Lots of good things in these.  This tap and die set has never been used.  I don’t need it but can resale it for what I paid for everything else.  The ratchet works well and you can tell when you spin it that its well built.  Most of the files are junk but the handles are all in great shape.


I have never seen a file handle like this.  When you turn the screw in the end it tightens the jaws to grab different size files.  I think it will see a lot of use.


Here is a prime example of old vs new.  The blade holders.  The black one is a cheap one that Ive had forever.  The clip that holds the blade in broke the 2nd or 3rd time I used it.  The read one has a ridged back and keeps the blade from flexing.  I think it will work super holding that blade stiff.  The red level is a newer Lowes level.  Notice the plastic ends.  It also weighs about half of the old one.  The old one also has a better bubble.  I assume it has to do with the liquid in the sight glasses.

Free Stuff

I will take pretty much anything that’s free.  All my raised beds were free as have most of my animal structures.  I saw an add for free building material (must take all)  2 truck loads later I end up with 5 full sheets of plywood, a full glass door (will be used on the greenhouse), the items pictured below.

There may be a lot of trash in here but there is also a lot of great things.  The role of black underlayment will be awesome for the new raised beds im putting in.  The boards will be used for something Im sure.  There was even a brand new aerator. The small scraps I split for kindling and some of the other pieces were burned.  It kept the shop warm all day.

Yard Sale Tools

Tools now a days are horrible.  I try to by old stuff whenever I can.  I saw these 2 toolboxs on a Local for sale site.  $25 for both.  Better than half of the stuff in these boxes are good.  I will go through it and see what I’ve really got.  The red box isn’t in good shape.  Some of the tools are rusty in the bottom so I would assume its been in water.  The silver box was a working mans box.  Saw, pencil, tape measure, square, and other odds and ends where in there.  It looks like its well kept.  I buy these because I am in the process of switching most of my tools to vintage tools.  The new stuff just doesn’t last.

Busy Muddy Weekend.

I have several of these kennel panels.  I don’t want get rid of them and plan on using them for a chicken run.  For the mean time I decided to turn them into a temporary High tunnel.  Several months ago my brother in law helped me set them up,  With all the rain there isn’t much more I could do today besides putting the plastic up.  I have a feeling it will rip with the wind and the sharp edges of the kennel for I’m doing this more as a test for size.  Its 10’x20′ which seems to be a good size.  I don’t have any plants inside of it but just walking around it feels like a good size.

We also worked on the pantry.  We have been using it as partial storage for months.  It will be canning season before you know it and I would like to have the storage situation figured out by then.



Before the rain really set in I moved my only fruit trees.  2 peach trees I planted a couple years ago.  The brief period I had goats was very hard on the trees.  They did a lot of damage to them.  I don’t think they will make it but I originally put them in a spot I later regretted.  I moved them below the raised beds and plan on added a few different kinds.