More on the tool box

Lots of good things in these.  This tap and die set has never been used.  I don’t need it but can resale it for what I paid for everything else.  The ratchet works well and you can tell when you spin it that its well built.  Most of the files are junk but the handles are all in great shape.


I have never seen a file handle like this.  When you turn the screw in the end it tightens the jaws to grab different size files.  I think it will see a lot of use.


Here is a prime example of old vs new.  The blade holders.  The black one is a cheap one that Ive had forever.  The clip that holds the blade in broke the 2nd or 3rd time I used it.  The read one has a ridged back and keeps the blade from flexing.  I think it will work super holding that blade stiff.  The red level is a newer Lowes level.  Notice the plastic ends.  It also weighs about half of the old one.  The old one also has a better bubble.  I assume it has to do with the liquid in the sight glasses.


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