Busy Muddy Weekend.

I have several of these kennel panels.  I don’t want get rid of them and plan on using them for a chicken run.  For the mean time I decided to turn them into a temporary High tunnel.  Several months ago my brother in law helped me set them up,  With all the rain there isn’t much more I could do today besides putting the plastic up.  I have a feeling it will rip with the wind and the sharp edges of the kennel for I’m doing this more as a test for size.  Its 10’x20′ which seems to be a good size.  I don’t have any plants inside of it but just walking around it feels like a good size.

We also worked on the pantry.  We have been using it as partial storage for months.  It will be canning season before you know it and I would like to have the storage situation figured out by then.



Before the rain really set in I moved my only fruit trees.  2 peach trees I planted a couple years ago.  The brief period I had goats was very hard on the trees.  They did a lot of damage to them.  I don’t think they will make it but I originally put them in a spot I later regretted.  I moved them below the raised beds and plan on added a few different kinds.


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