Raised Bed Work

I don’t know if I will ever really be able to go back to in ground gardening after using raised beds and vertical beds.  These first two beds were the first two I put in.  After the first year I noticed I made them too wide.  Ive since built them a little narrower.  The first bed is asparagus so there isn’t really any issues with its width.

The second bed was tough to weed due to the size.  I dug it out and removed 15″.  I think it will work so much better.  The dirt settled enough that I didn’t have to haul any off I just used it to refill the bed.  These rail road ties are over 12′ long and can be hard to move by yourself.  I took enough out that all I had to do was role the tie 180*.  Below is the tool I used.  Dad bought it to rotate end post while doing fencing.  I don’t recall us ever using it.  It works well to role logs when cutting firewood and worked awesome moving the tie.


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