Every Man Needs a Good Hoe

Good hand tools are hard to find, especially in big box stores.  I treated my hoe badly this year.  It managed to get left outside all winder when it fell behind a raised bed.  The head is still in good shape but the handle is warped.  I tried to straighten it but I didn’t have any luck.  Pictures to follow another day about hanging another handle.

Clean up Time.  I have so much stuff in my shop its ridiculous.  I can never find anything.  One of these green cabinets belonged to my father and the other came from my grandfathers farm.  They started to rust and the paint was faded.  I took everything out and painted them.  I’ve started putting things back in and labeling everything.  I am about half way though the process and am already happy with it.  There is a good chance I will be able to actually use the work bench by the end of the week.  It warmed up so I started picking up out side.  Ill have all the random stuff that’s accumulated over the winter up next weekend.  I need to seed some grass as well in a couple of the old garden plots.


Oh the goodness started today.  We started the first batch of seeds.  Its been horrible wet and windy the last month or so and its made doing anything outside very difficult.  I have yet to get the low tunnel up.  Its supposed to be in the 70s this week so I am hoping it will be a little less windy and I can get it installed.



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