Most of the Flock

Taking most of last year off did me some good.  I got rid of some of the crappier shelters I had and built the new coop.  Its working well even though I still need to do a little work to it.  I originally planned on keeping a few o the rabbits there but it’s just to crowded.  I’ve been putting them in bottomless cages which I like because it lets the rabbits have some fresh grass.

Currently I have a pair of ducks, 2 trios of OEGB, a trio of Barred Rocks, and some other random birds.  I think I may do a little more trading, buying, and selling of some of the birds but overall I am happy with what I’ve got.

20150207_175843 20150208_174724 20150210_171718 20150212_180020 20150213_172513


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