I had a small portable green house that blew over about 36 hours after putting it up.  This is part of the driveway were it landed.  The lettuce is doing great.  Looks like there might be some spinach as well.


Every time I open the front door he’s there.  A couple more months of bottle feedings.  Beef beef I love beef.  I’m hungry.


Got a new mower.  Well new to me.  The good thing about working at a dealer is I get the stuff that people don’t want to fix.   After buying the parts to fix it I’ll only have a couple hundred dollars in it.  I’ll probably resale it.


I reported some of the seedlings.  The trays I started in this year are ok but I don’t care for the dirt that came with the kits.  I should be planting in the next couple weeks.


Yes this one is rusted out but….. I’ve got a tiller that fits it.  If all goes well it will be up and going this weekend.


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