NYTimes: My Life as a Television Throwback

NYTimes: My Life as a Television Throwback http://nyti.ms/TfXDqF I shared this for two reasons. 1. Its true and 2. Its why you havent seen much of me online. I havent updated the blog in awhile because ive been busy and am somewhat disconnected from the interworld. A couple months ago I cut off the internet and shortly after I cancled my smartphone. It seems most now adays people are so consumed with technology. I actually feel better without it. Tv is better and with a 18.$ phone from walmart I have to actually talk to people, its great. I recently got a Galaxy Tab which is almost like an iPad. It still allows me to communicated a lottle with my forums, blog, etc. I also dowload books with kindle and actually read them. The NY times is also downloadable. I.dont mind waiting to find wifi to.update my stuff either. It all seems less consuming and truthfully I think the lack of distractions have brought me closer to my family. I think an example is this post. It seems thought out and longer than my other post. Either way hopefully ill.have a more indepth well.thought out post from now on.


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