I’ve tried lettuce before but it seems to get burnt by the sun.  Jackson thought the rabbits needed some lettuce so he decided to help.  We built this raised bed.  I don’t like to buy plants or dirt from big stores but Walmart had topsoil for 1$ per 40 pounds and potting soil for 2$ a 40 pound bag.  I noticed the top soil was very sandy.  Seems that after having it for a few days it dries out quick.  looks like ill be  watering every day.   On a side note I was at lowes the other day and they had heirloom tomato plants.  They were a little pricey at $3.50 each.  Ill keep some seeds and see if i can recoup the cost next spring.

I got some free railroad ties.  Trip and I loaded to tractor and went to pick them up.  These are massive.  12″x14″x12′ or so is the size.  massivly heavy and to bulky to use as raised beds.  Ill get a picture of what im building.


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