Busy day with freebies



Finally got the rabbit pen done.  You know I just can’t put animals on wire.  I feel they really need grass and dirt.  Having all these pens mobile is nice.  No cleaning and great fertilizer.

Free animals. 

My brothers girlfriend had these geese running around her yard.  We assume a dog got the mother.  I may try to get a breeding trio out I’d them.  I dont care about then being from the same family but once grown I’ll try to find a new goose.


I got rid of wilma the other day.   I dont need a second girl pig.  I want a pair or a trio.  Had a guy drive a couple hours to bring a pig he could no longer take care of.  He and dolly get along great.  here is the picture of Boss.  Its the one the guy had.  Better pics to follow later this week.



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