Animals everywhere

I walk out this morning and see this….


A pig.  Wilma has decided she doesn’t like her pen.  I need to redo it as she tends to leave whenever she wants to.


Baby bunnies.  My brother hit a best mowing.  I gathered them up.  I did singe research and found that the best could be moved up to ten feet dvd the mother would still find it.  Jackson and I rebuilt the nest and hopefully the mother will come back to it.  These 6 bunnies were about 10 days olds the best I can tell.

Happy EMS week…I think I’m going to quit despite it being a week devoted to us.   I livre the life of being on an ambulance.  I love the life if having patients age 3 to 100 years old.  I hate being held over every night., , its taking away from kid time.  I found it today that the VA was hiring.  Great money and a federal job.  With me being a vet I should be able to get on with little issues.


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