Start over fail




Chickens and ducks.  They look so happy.  Well,.over the last couple days they have all been dinner for raccoons.  I have a couple left but most are gone.  I’m done with fowl until I can get a true coop built.  There is no point in me just throwing away money.  I have plans and dreams for my birds but for the time bring they are on hold.



Its going great with Jackson being here.  He seems to be really happy.  Its weird getting two people ready in the morning but I love it.  The party picture was this morning.  Hes eating donuts ob the way to a chicken swap.


The small garden is planted.  I’m working on the big one.  Its not getting done as fast as id like due to work.  It will be a late canning year.  Actually with my luck nothing will grow or animals will snack on my green buffet.


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