Out with the old in with the new

Women or equipment?  both in may case.  I’m not one to over talk about relationships here but the gal I mentioned several post earlier hasnt worked out.  I do have a special some by my side now.  The equipment – technically its out with the new in with the old.  I sold the John Deere it was a good tractor but was built for what I need.  I’ve since purchased a 1942 Allis Chalmers.  Great tractor and I love the tricycle front end.  Those that know me know that I love the old iron.

Funny thing about the tractor is its lack of foot brakes.  Everything is done with your hands.  Luckily for my im good with my hands so its no problem.  It is a little nerve racking having to let go of the steering wheel to grab to brakes if you need to stop in a hurry.

Shes old but has the power to run most of our equipment.  To bad it doesn’t have hydraulics.  Power means nothing without hydraulic power.


Chicks – Hard to believe im on my second hatch.  Ive got two incubators going and a Hatcher.  Didn’t get the stand built to the hatcher is located on the kitchen table for now.


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