I spent 20 years trying to get off the farm and the last 10 trying to get back. The happiness I feel being with family as I sit on the porch eating supper as we talk about the days work and what tomorrow will bring. I think it takes a certain kind of person to enjoy the farm life. Some do it because it’s all they know and do it because their fathers did it. Others have to do it to maintain a certain part of their soul. It’s always bothered me know that this piece of dirt I live on will never be mine. It’s made me sad knowing that I would not be able to pass on the soil I worked and the land I grew up on to my children. My elder years could bring the financial means to purchase a farm of my own but it wouldn’t have my lifelong blood, sweat, and tears. The memories of arguing with my brother over what we thought were the better way of doing things would not be present. As I sit among the chickens wondering if I would ever be able to supply my children with the things my dad supplied me it dawned on me how happy the kids are when they are here.

There is nothing better than seeing them playing in the garden and chasing chicks around the yard at 630 as I cook breakfast and watch them through the window. I can image the what my daughter thinks about as I peek out the door and see her sitting on the steps by herself because she wanted to stay outside when the rest of us came inside. It makes me feel good when I see the look of my sons face as he busily hoes my beans. I think about the future when he will recognize the difference between them and the weeds. When I see him telling Maggie about a buzzard feather he found or when she brings me a duck by the wing shows how involved they are. Its great to have them ask for a tractor ride and seeing them sitting in the wagon watching the grass go by and talking to the cows.

The thing they experience here are so different than anything they can see anywhere else. They are at piece here. You can tell by their actions and the look in their eyes. I let them ride in the back of the truck on the way home today. You could just see the happiness on their face and the wind blew their hair as they drank their juice boxes.






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