Straight Shaving

I don’t think ive mentioned it before but im a straight razor shaver.  Ive probably got a dozen razors and all the accessories to go along with it.  Straight razor shaving can save you a lot of money than cartridge razors and the shave is so much better.  I highly suggest everyone switches.  Yes ladies these work for your legs as well.


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One of the main things with straight razor shaving it the soap.  Some of the soaps are 10-20$ a puck.  I decided I could make soap as good for less money.  I did and it works wonderfully.  I sent some sample to a few people across the US.  They all loved it.  I have since started to sell it.  I don’t make much on it but its something I enjoy and gives people a good soap for a decent price.  If anyone is interested in straight shaving let me know and ill tell you what you need to know. if you would like to check out my store.  These products also work for cartridge razors as well.


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