Slow around here and ready for Summer



Im tired of this snow.  While this last one was beautiful Im tired of it.  Snow a lot or don’t bother.  Its been snowing enough to melt a few days later and melt.  Its creating a big mess.  Id say ive got 43 pounds of mud caked in my laundry room.  Im not even going to bother cleaning it.  I just sweep out the chunks and wait until the next day for me or someone else to tack more in.  Ive mentioned my love before and in fact she is the first woman ive posted about since my ex-wife.  Why you ask?  I certain she will be my wife one day.  I love her to death and she loves me the same.  Its nice being with someone that truly and deeply makes you happy.  Ive never really been lonely before but when she’s gone I am.  I never really grasp the concept of people saying they miss the significant other until her.  I’m so glad she’s apart of my life. 


One thought on “Slow around here and ready for Summer

  1. Im so glad for your gf. She has yet to realize what a wonderful man you really are. How many girls have said the wish they could be yours. And I know for a fact that she isnt ” the first girl you have posted about” on here. You mentioned me for a brief post before you redid everything. 🙂

    To your gf: If i were you, I would love him as much you can. He makes women feel good about themselves and lets them know how important they really are. He says he’s happy and Im sure he means it. He was never truly happy with any of his previous girlfriends. When he gets ready, he will marry you because he knows happiness is with the one you truly love.

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