Hams and Thoughts


My dad cures a few hams a year.  Its something he enjoys and we all like country ham.   Weve had a bit of confusion this year and it would appears that some of our hams have gotten mixed up.  Generally speaking a 2yo ham is good eating.  A 1yo ham is good and is usually what you get at the store (if they are that old).  3yo hams start to get a little tough.  Notice the hams in order from left to right.  1yo 2yo and 3yo.   We don’t give away the 3yo hams and try not to keep them that long.  They start to dry up and usually arnt good.  We don’t have ideal storage for them and they hang in a non climate controlled barn.  Any who im taking the 3yo ham and am going to see how good it really is.  The thing needs to soak in water 3 or 4 days before cooking it.  If you never hear from me again you know the ham was bad.  Notice the salt deposits on the last picture.   YUMMY


Thoughts – What am I going to have on my new farm?


I dunno.  I know a garden and some chickens.  Do I want turkeys? how about worms?  to I want to grow things to sell or for self use?  So many options and so long til spring.  It just has my mind going all over the place.


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