Long winded Post

You know live have been keeping my busy.  Ive been going to school, thinking about the kids, spending time with a wonderful woman, looking at seed catalogs, and thinking about the future.  Not just what im having for lunch but my goals for life.  This whole EMT thing is going well but boy there is a lot of stuff to remember.  We are starting to get into the skills section which is great for me seeing how im a hands on kind of guy.



I like real trees.  I always have so I knew I was going to get one this year.  I decided to do something a little different.  We got a live tree so I could plant it after the holidays.  I think it will be a good reminder for me and the kids of our first Christmas in our house.  Trip and I went to bring the tree inside and….. well the root ball must weigh about 600 pounds.  We couldn’t even get it up the steps.    Hello Mr. tractor time.  I used the front loader to get it in the front door.




Walking in a winter wonderland.   Its been cold here the last couple days.  Down around 0*.  We had a little Ice storm last night. Well, at least that’s what they said.  Its not enough to do any damage but just enough to make the stupid people scared to go out.  the roads arnt that bad just take it easy people.




Grow seedlings grow.  I have some seeds I started a month ago that havent done a thing.  One is a KY coffee bean tree the other is a tree or unknown species we had growing when Emily and I lived in town.   Wonder how long or even if they will sprout?




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