Been Awhile

My goodness have the last year and a half gone by fast.  Since i last Posted i managed to get divorced.  It sucks but hey, its life.  Emily decided to take the children to VA.  Fair? I think not.  They are doing great and I see them at least monthly.  I am in the process of moving to the family farm.  If all goes well I should be on my little piece by Thanksgiving.  I CANT WAIT  I’m still going to do as I’ve always wanted and have a little farm, do the homesteading like I wanted, and live a happy little life.  This will be my home.  Once here I plan on never again moving.  As time gets closer Ill keep up the blog.  I know that I’m already busy with the house but I need to plan for next year.  Chickens, gardens, and hopefully bees.  WooHoo


044 050


“wim” she says “wim”  Jackson loves the farm and is supper happy when he is here.  This last time they were in I notice Maggie has taken a liking to it as well.  They both love being outside.  Barelia Farm will be such a succes with them.




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