Yes, we are alive


We have been a bad blogger the last few weeks but truth be told we haven’t done anything.  I turned 30 and we had a bunch of snow.  About it.  Emily and I have been discussing seeds.  There are so many to choose from we just really don’t know what to get.  We would like to move this summer some time so I don’t think we will be doing all the random trial type stuff I had originally discussed.  I would hate to put tons a time and effort into that stuff and have it all go to waste when a new owner wants it all plowed under.  I’ve come a little bit further on this tractor but with funds being a little tight it has come to a stand still.   Id like to get it don’t in the next month or so because this is the tractor ill be using to cultivate the gardens with. 

2-07-09 (2)

Since we have been so slow I decided to start a tractor club.  There is on here in KY for trucks and is lots of fun.  Ive had the new club up and running baout a month and got the 75th member today.  I think it will be a great sucess.  We plan on having tractor shows and plow days in the future.  I needed a little seat time today so I cleared the side walks of the 1/2″ of snow we got last night. 




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