Meal Plan Monday, er, Thursday

Forgive me for not posting the usual Meal Plan Monday!  The next 2 weeks we are going to be trying to clean out the pantry, I went to the grocery this weekend and spent $75 on perishables and milk, eggs, that sort of thing.  That is supposed to last us for 2 weeks, the rest of the meals will be made from the food we already have.  The freezers were getting so full you couldn’t really see what was in the back and some things were coming to the end of their useful life.  so here it is:

Monday – Potato Bacon Chowder

Tuesday – oven pizza and breadsticks

Wednesday – Ham steak, mac and cheese (from the freezer), mixed veggies

Thursday – Spaghetti and breadsticks

Friday – Baked chicken breasts, rice, green beans

Saturday – DATE NIGHT for the big people, tacos for the littles

Sunday – fried and battered chicken wings, tator tots, salad

That’s our week!



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