getting bigger

So, Maggie is offically an ‘older baby’ she’ll be 7 months old in less than a week!  She can crawl everywhere, she can really get some distance now!  This of course means I have to reaquint myself with an old friend, the vacuum cleaner!  How is that on a floor literally covered with toys (some age appropriate, some not, but whose counting?) Mags can find the one tiny little choking hazard I forgot to pick up?  How is that?  Is there some sort choking hazard honing device that babies have?

In other non choking hazard news, she LOVES to eat!  After the sweet potato incident I realized it was time to stop being lazy and start feeding the girl.  She has just gone nuts!  To be honest she was so excited about peas that I thought she was having a seizure for a second, but no, just hysterical over the peas!  She is up to breakfast and lunch with us now, she is still a little skinny mini but I am looking for a growth spurt to happen any day now.  Here is a picture of her in her high chair, having dinner with dad!dscn0016


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