More of that Turkey

I know everyone saw the post where we canned the turkey soup, here is what went on beforehand.  01-05-09-2Here is the turkey after it was cooked, yes, it was cooked in a cast iron skillet because I have no roasting pan.  (I DO have a birthday in 3 months, but no roasting pan. *cough, cough*.)

I also used some of the elftover turkey to make quesadillas one night for dinner, I just added some turkey, chopped some onion, green pepper, threw on some cheese and fried in some oil and they were SO good, better than turkey itself!  I was out of tomato or I would have added some.  01-04-0901-04-09-2These were a big hit with everybody, even Jackson.  While Jackson does like a lot of different foods, the hard part is getting him to taste them the first time.  When he saw the quesadilla at first he said ‘no, no, no’ and when I didn’t offer him anything new, he finally tried the tiniest little bite and realized how good it was and ate an entire portion.  I didn’t make turkey salad with this like I usually do, but that is also another way we use things up and avoid waste.  I’ll be back with some decluttering pictures soon.



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