So very Tired

Absolutely nothing going on other than Maggie’s hospital visit.  This picture was taken yesterday and she seems to be feeling better.  I took her off the oxygen last night to get her cleaned up.  Her oxygen level was great so i figured a few minutes off the O2 wouldn’t hurt anything.  I got her all cleaned up and tested her again.  Still good.  from the way I understood Emily’s text this morning they never put her back on the oxygen.  That’s a good thing.  here is still a chance she will come home today.  Im exhaust, as is Emily im sure, and im ready to get life back the way it needs to be.  We are supposed to be going to Gatlinburg the end of this week for a family mini trip vacation.  Im not for sure if we are still doing it or not.  I guess we will make a decision in the next few days.  It all depends on how she’s doing.  Id hate to get down there and have her take a turn for the worse.  They say she will get worse before she gets better.  Time will only tell that one.  Jackson seems to be doing good but he misses the way things should be. 1-10-09 (40)

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