Our First Time Canning

DSCN0223 This was the first time we have ever canned.  Ive seen my mother do it several times and it looked easy online.  When cleaning out the deep freeze we found a turkey we had forgotten about. Emily cooked it and we had it for dinner one night – for some reason it didn’t cook well and turned out dry.  I pulled all the meat and set it aside.  The next day Emily made some turkey stock from the carcase.  She added the meat and some veggies.  For noodles she made some egg noodles(she will give the receipt later).  Pay no attention to the grill cheese we were making dinner at the same time we were canning.

 DSCN0227 DSCN0228 DSCN0221
I feel fluffy in the picture!
Watch out its HOT!
5 Jars of finished soup Guess Who?

DSCN0224 I’m not 100% sure how to use this canner but it wasn’t holding 11psi.  Don’t know it the thingy was broken or if I was suppose to twist it to maintain the pressure.  I placed this fork here and it maintained between 11-14psi for 70 minutes with only 1 minor adjustment.  Notice Jackson helping.  He has started making this face whenever he sees someone taking his photo. DSCN0222

2 thoughts on “Our First Time Canning

  1. Just a comment about your canner holding pressure: trust the weight, not the gauge. Those gauges can easily become inaccurate. The weight, on the other hand, is constant. The thingy that is broken on your canner is most likely the pressure gauge. Some extension service offices can test them for you, many are unable to do so anymore. However, if you have the weights for the canner, you really don’t need the gauge anyway.

    It’s also not a good idea to rig the weight set with a fork (or any other high-precision tool). Then, you really don’t know what pressure you’re canning at. You don’t say specifically what the case was when it wasn’t holding at 11psi. Was it registering higher or lower? If it was registering lower, after your adjustment, you were probably several pounds above 11#. If it was registering higher until you adjusted it, then your actual pressure was lower than 11#. When canning meat products, you want to make sure you have the right pressure for the right amount of time in order to kill off the bad things, like botulism. For canning turkey, our newer book says 90 minutes at 10#. If your pressure was actually lower than 10#, I would recommend not eating what you canned or processing it again at 10# for 90 minutes, to be on the safe side.

    We had an old Presto like yours that was my grandmother’s. When my wife called Presto to order a part, they said that our old canner wasn’t safe and offered to give us a substantial credit on a new canner if we sent them the lid from the old one. We did so, and ended up paying $30 for a new 23 quart Presto. The new one didn’t have a weight set, just one 15 Lb weight. We ordered a set that has 5, 10, & 15 Lbs. We would’ve kept the weight from the old one, but it was missing (what she called to order) — it might’ve worked on the new one and we wouldn’t have had to order a set. With the weight and a good seal, your canner ought to work fine, though.

    Canning is a great thing to do. It is important to be safe, and my intention in commenting is to help.

  2. I was above 10 the whole time. Id love to have a weighted one but this one was borrowed. You were a help and thanks for posting

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