Not alot going on


DSCN0036 Almost all of us haven’t been feeling well the last few days.  Maggie has a slight cough.  Jackson is fighting an ear infection (i think he won). Ive been stuffy with sinus crap.  I think we are all ready to be better. 

This Picture is a few days old but you can see how serious Jackson looks when he’s doing stuff.  Pure concentration – I can see it in his eyes.  We were messing with them when we went to the park.

01-05-09 (6)
Maggie had been wanting to eat a little I think.  I don’t so much think its the food as much as it is the excitement of something new.
She went after her brothers sweet potatoes tonight.   We decided to eat in the TV room tonight and she nibbles on a  roll on the way to the TV room from the kitchen.  I had her and 2 plate in my hands so I couldn’t do anything.  She got mad when I took it away.  Potatoes and rice are fine.  I don’t think wheat is a good choice at this point. 01-05-09 (11)

The picture is blurry but you get the idea.  The kids got stripped down to nothing but diapers due to a sweet potato situation(just notice ive got some on my socks).  We were sitting watching TV getting ready for bed time.


4 thoughts on “Not alot going on

  1. Such a bad time of year for baby illnesses, maybe everyone will feel better soon.

    I made a version of your ‘Cobb Station Sandwich’ last night. My husband asked me 3 times why we haven’t done this before. So simple, and delicious. I took your advice and made an extra for lunch today.

    That’s what I love about a blogging community, sharing of ideas that may be simple to one person, but someone else never thought of.

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