Some more Randomness to Plant

Hungarian Sweet (Sweet Banana)
68 days — The tapering six inch by 1½ inch long fruit is light yellow, maturing to golden to orange to red.  Good for pickling.  “All-American Selection®” winner in 1938.

Green Globe Artichoke (Cynara scolymus)
Attractive, ornamental perennial with edible flower buds.  It can be grown as an annual if you sow the seeds indoors in mid to late winter and set out after all danger of frost has passed.

An excellent delicacy when boiled until tender, served hot, and the inner petal tips and the hearts are dipped in melted lemon-butter (some of my family likes to dip in mayonnaise).

A native of southern Europe, the plant will require winter protection if you live in a zone that experiences severe freezing.  Hardy in USDA zones eight to ten.


Burgundy Okra Pod on the Plant

Still unsure if Ill like it regardless of what color it is or what shape it takes.

60  days
— The plants are attractive and under optimum conditions, reach four to five feet in height.  Produces good yields of burgundy colored pods, that are tender to about six inches, on plants with burgundy stems and leaf ribs.  An “All-American Selection®” winner in 1988.


Ill give this a try too.  Even if I dont like Emily eats it fried

Aunt Hattie's Stays Red OkraAunt Hettie’s Red
65 days — This seed is raised for us by David Pendergrass of Tennessee and is an old heirloom from his family.

He tells us the following about this old red okra: “It was passed on to me by a cousin who received it from my Great Aunt Hettie Tidwell in the early 1970s.  How far it dates back in our family’s history is not clear but it is known that Aunt Hettie grew it for many, many years.Aunt Hettie's Stays Red Okra

The stalks and leaves are a beautiful burgundy red color with the pods being a glossy red. They have a wonderful taste.

The plants typically reach a height of about five feet but under optimum conditions, they have been grown to a height of greater than ten feet.

2005 was the first time this variety was offered to the public.


Dwarf Gray Sugar PodDwarf Gray Sugar Pod
60 to 70 days — The plants have attractive flowers, are prolific producers of nice, sweet pods, bushy and the eighteen to twenty four inch vines do not typically require staking.  This is a variety that is at least as old as the 1770s and was commercially released in 1892 by D. M  I love peas of all kind.  I like them cooked, as is, or sometimes even on a salad.  I suspect ill only have 2 kinds as no on else likes them.

Oregon Giant 
Oregon Giant Pea70 days – Developed by Dr. J. R. Baggett of Oregon State University and released in 1991.  Peas are wrinkle seeded.  Plants grow up to about three feet tall and start producing early in the season and continue for a long time.  Very productive.  Pods are flat, 4½ to five inches long, and sweet.  Resistant to pea enation mosaic virus, powdery mildew, and fusarium wilt race 1.  I notice a couple of things I’ve posted are fairly new.  Sometimes I wanna keep with old fashion vegetables but I guess everything was new at one point or another.


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