Love the Melons

Like any other guy I love melons.  Big jucy ones.  Im pretty sure watermelons dont do very well around here but other melons do.   I wish I new a good way to store this fruit all year around.  I think ill only do a few melon plants seeing how we can only eat it as it goes.   Wonder if you can dehydrate it?

Burrell’s Jumbo Muskmelon (Reticulatus Group)
82 days
— Selected from ‘Hale’s Best‘ by D. V. Burrell. Large fruits are well suited for both home and market gardeners. The netted melons weigh up to five pounds and have thick, sweet salmon-colored flesh.

Honeydew Green Flesh (Inodorus Group)
115 days
— The fruits have a smooth, creamy white skin with lime-green flesh that is incredibly sweet with a small seed cavity.  They are typically seven to nine inches long and five to six inches in diameter weighing three to six pounds.  They store and ship well.

Is anyone in the mood for fruit salad of is it just me?  One my issues is I don’t like my fruit cold.  I never have and don’t think I ever will.  I guess that’s fine its just the fact that its a pain in the butt.  I suppose i could get some out of the fridge and let it warn to room temperature.

Im not big on squash either.  Once a month will be about all i can eat it.   Im looking to change my eating habits so I think ill try a plant or 2 just so I can start eating it.

Early Prolific Straightneck SquashEarly Prolific Straightneck (C. pepo)
(about 10 seeds per gram)
42 days The standard yellow, straight-necked type, summer squash in many parts of the US.  The fruits taper towards the stem end and are a nice lemon yellow color.  They are mature at 12 to 14 inches long but are tender and succulent when they are 5 to 6 inches long.  An “All-American Selection®” winner in 1938.

I think Ill give this one a try as well.  Never thought about serving squash with spaghetti.

Vegetable SpaghettiVegetable Spaghetti (C. pepo)
(about 6 seeds per gram)
90 days
This squash, as the name implies, is a bit unique in that it can be served with a sauce like spaghetti. Boil the mature fruit for about 30 minutes, cut in half and remove the seeds, then scoop out the flesh with a fork and serve with your favorite pasta topping.  They are shaped like a cylinder, 8 inches long, weighing about 4 pounds, and rind is hard, smooth and yellow in color.


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