Food and Family

Jackson is sick and has been overly poopooish the last day or so.  Congestion and an ear infection are no fun at any age.  Maggie has started to almost crawl but still isn’t sitting up.  I did manage to have her sitting on the toy ride thing that was Jackson’s.  He was so cute showing her how to turn and spin the stuff on the front.   It has surprised me the amount of time the spend together.  Jackson is still a little rough at sharing with her and does occasionally(ok daily) pull stuff out of her hands.  You can tell he loves her.  If she is crying he will give her a toy.  I cant believe he hasn’t feed her anything or tried to move her.

Cobb Station sandwiches:

Ham, Turkey, Lettuce, tomato, provolone, and Italian bread.  This is what I like on mine.  Emily adds onions and roast beef to hers.  Notice in the picture that someone forgot to get lettuce and tomato at the store.   There are no specific instructions here.  I just fry the meat(and onions) on a skillet.  I use this stove top one because I can add alot to it.  I butter the bread and also fry in on the skillet.  After all is cooked and the bread is slightly brown I add the meat.  I also add Mayo and lettuce plus the tomatoes.  Add the cheese on top of it all and bake in the over until the cheese is melted.  You can substitute any ingredient you would like and it would still turn out great im sure.  One of the good things about these is they reheat extremely well in a microwave.  I always make an extra one to take to work the next day.


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